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18 Oct Best Way to Overcome your Sleep Disorder

There are some people who fall asleep as soon as they go to bed and then there are some who takes a while before they can actually sleep. A lot of people fall in either of these 2 categories. Now, in which category do the remaining people belong? Well, they belong to a third category. People belonging to this category find it very hard to have a good sleep, be it day or night. They either suffer from insomnia or when they manage to fall asleep easily, they will wake up in the middle of the night and fail to go back to sleep again. Both of these conditions are some sort of sleep disorder which needs to be overcome before it is too late.

Why People Cannot Get Enough Sleep?

One of the common reasons why people suffer from sleep deprivation is that they are too worried about their work and life. They keep wondering what if the things do not turn out the way they want it to be. Many people prefer to stay awake by drinking coffee in order to complete their work. Many people suffer from sleep apnea or insomnia and fail to fall asleep even if they want to. Not to forget, many fail to fall asleep because they are too worried about not getting enough sleep. This worry becomes another reason behind not being able to sleep.

Why is a good sleep important?

Many people who suffer from insomnia do not consider it a bad thing. They seem to be ok with it. They consider night time to be the best time to carry out their important tasks as there is no one around to disturb them. Although it might be the best time but it is very important to sleep. A good night’s sleep is very crucial for personal well-being. Lack of enough amount of sleep can lead to diabetes, heart diseases, depression and even unwanted weight.

Thus, for your own good health, you must try to get at least 6 to 8 hours of peaceful sleep.

How to have a Good Night’s Sleep?       

One of the best ways to fight your sleep disorder and have the required amount of peaceful sleep in a day, you must make mindfulness a part of your daily routine. This term might be foreign to some people. Well, you lose your sleep when your mind is wandering around and not in your control. So, in simplest terms mindfulness can be defined as the technique of taking control of your mind and diverting it from the tension of not getting sleep to a relaxed and calm state which ultimately helps you to doze off.


By practicing mindfulness, people learn to focus on their present. They learn to acknowledge their thoughts and let them pass by. Once the thoughts have been acknowledged, they no longer have to fight them. Hence, they can relax and have a good sleep. However, people must know that people do not learn mindfulness overnight. They need to practice it in order to master it and reap its benefits. So here is what you can do to get a good night’s sleep-

  • Do mindful walking, meditation, yoga, breathing or other mindful exercises just before you go to sleep. This will reduce your stress, help you relax and have some peaceful sleep.
  • If you often wake in a middle of the night and find it extremely difficult to sleep, you can practice body scan meditation.
  • If your mind wanders a lot which makes it difficult for you to sleep then focus on your breathing, feel it while keeping your one hand on belly. Do this continuously till you doze off.
  • Try to identify sounds in the background. It can be anything from the sound of your fans and ACs to the sound of wind chimes or vehicles. Count as many as you can till you fall asleep.
  • Finally, if you still find it impossible to sleep then do not start worrying about it. Sit down and start practicing some mindful exercises. As you will begin to relax, sleep will eventually come to you. However, if it doesn’t then also you have nothing to worry about. This is because, when practiced correctly, mindfulness can sometimes be better than a good sleep.


Purva Jain

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