26 Dec “I was looking to make some positive changes in my life.” - Steve Schoenly

The world is so fast-paced today. We’re pushed to work at a breakneck speed every day; deliver results fast; grow in our career quickly that we don’t leave time for ourselves. We don’t have time to sit back, introspect and relax our mind. And even before we realize, we succumb to negative emotions like stress, anxiety, and anger. That is why, in the modern world, it has become essential for more and more people to take up meditation and shape their lives for the good.  Steve Schoenly, a premium user of Aware and our Mindfulness Hero of the month, shares his experience with meditation and gives some really insightful tips to beginners.

1. What made you take up meditation?
I was looking to make some positive changes in my life.  The past year has been stressful both personally and professionally, so I wanted to take control of things I could control.  Meditation was part of learning how to manage my stress.
2. What has been the change in your life due to meditation?
It has definitely helped me be calmer and more positive.  It is challenging enough that I feel a sense of accomplishment doing it.

3. What are some tips or advice you would want to share with beginners?
At first, I made it the first thing I did on waking so I didn’t have time to let the day interrupt me, or make me forget to practice.  Don’t worry if you find it challenging at first - it took a while but finally clicked and became a much more comfortable thing to do.

4. How has Aware Meditation App helped you in your journey?

I really appreciate how Aware guides you step by step, and makes it clear what you’re trying to achieve.  I’m excited about the new courses of study coming up, as well.

Best Meditation App

Aware guides you through the day with mindfulness, helping you achieve balance and clarity for a healthier and happier YOU. Spend just 10 to 20 minutes a day with our guided sessions to calm your mind, achieve more and become better. It has been rated as the best meditation app for beginners by multiple health experts and researchers.

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