02 Jan Exploring The Reaction of the Subconscious Mind with Daniel Kent Fernandez

Daniel Kent Fernandez, our mindfulness hero, from Makati City, Philippines,  is a man who chooses to live in the present, be fully present and access the subconscious mind by being aware of his emotions and thoughts against the unpredictability of the life. Among’st all the things he spoke about, one thing that stood out was - the use of meditation from AWARE, he says, is helping him and hopefully our users- the ability to feel all those sensations that we used to take for granted, one step at a time. His sense of exploration through the act of imagination is inspiring and all of us should push our mental boundaries using fun and engaging meditative tools too! 

That is a powerful way to use to brain to really connect with the body. So many times we just get stuck in the daily tolls of life, but through meditation Daniel K. Fernandez  shows us that there is a deep emotional and psychological connection between the subconscious mind  ,sensations, thoughts, dreams and totems. And it’s upto us to make the best interpretations of these connections, to decode the way we think and react accordingly.

  1. What made you take up meditation?

-Meditation, to me, is the gateway to my own mind. At least, that’s what I concluded from all the online resources I’ve read and watched about meditation. It opens you up to sensations and awareness of things that you have never actually been aware of. And the reason I took up meditation was simply my wish:

To be present.


  1. What has been the change in your life due to meditation?

-Although improving, I have not yet achieved the state of presence where I’m able to acknowledge what each of my senses are feeling at one moment. What meditation smacked into my life is the ability to let certain thoughts and emotions just pass by when they’re not needed. Whenever they come by, I usually write them down on my notebook and acknowledge that they’re there without judging.

Then, no matter how intense or light those thoughts and emotions are, I’ll only attend to them after doing everything else.


  1. What are some tips or advice you would want to share with beginners?

-I thought of this technique after reading the dream journals that I used to keep way before I started with meditation.  I remembered using “Totems” or tiny alarms that ring randomly throughout the day. Every time a totem rings, I check whether I’m in a dream or not. The resemblance was interesting enough to try and combine them.

My advice to you guys is simple (and hopefully Aware implements this): Use Totems.

Every time a Totem rings, do a “burst of mindfulness”. For a moment, imagine you just teleported, with no idea where or why you’re there. Take a deep breath and acknowledge each and every feeling your senses capture. What’s that smell? What’s this sound? What is everyone doing? Is everything in my body intact?


Ask yourself questions that prove that you’re you, and you’re there!


  1. How has Aware Meditation app helped you in your journey?

Aware is just.. Awesome. Every single day you’re introduced to a different aspect towards awareness. It’s like, Aware is slowly introducing us to all those sensations that we used to take for granted, one step at a time. As a sprouting blogger; one who has listened to tons of productivity and philosophy podcasts and videos, I can tell.

After other meditation apps, I was taken to the absolute beginning with Aware. But rather than feeling it’s a drag to be at the start again, it was a whole new experience. It was a new perspective, seeing all the things I’ve already known about, but portrayed differently!

Anyway, I’m definitely sticking with “Aware”.

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  • Daniel Kent Fernandez
    Posted at 05:47h, 29 March Reply

    Hi! I’m looking to make a blog post about my experience with Aware. Please do check it out when I’m done ^_^

    • Aware
      Posted at 08:38h, 04 April Reply

      Hi Daniel,
      Thank you so much 🙂 Kindly do share the link of the blog with us at [email protected].

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