27 Dec Learn about living every moment as you walk along the footsteps of Jared Belden

Jared is our ‘Mindfulness Hero’ of the month and he has very graciously encapsulated his feelings about living every moment with meditation and it’s daily benefits in conquering stress and frustration.

Everyone can relate to his words about jumping from one “to-do” list, in life, to another and never having the time to live in the present, as our list of things to do will keep accumulating. The ways in which he finds time to meditate is quite inspirational and his approach to meditation is also very simple:  “It changes the way I think, which has a positive impact on everything else.”

That’s truly amazing!

He is living proof that you don’t need to be a wizard, all you need is commitment. So do give this incredible testimonial, a read,  about real opinions from someone that’s just like you and me.


What made you take up meditation?

I took up meditation because I was looking for a way to slow myself down and enjoy each moment more.I tend to be very focused on getting things done, but eventually I realized that rushing from one “to do” to the next isn’t a fulfilling way to live.  There’s always another task looming, and it keeps me from appreciating the moment I’m in.  

So, meditation was a way for me to break out of that cycle


What has been the change in your life due to meditation?

When I’m able to meditate consistently, it helps me relax and accept whatever’s happening. During the meditation, I start to feel present in my own body, and that feeling tends to carry on to the rest of my day. I also find myself dealing better with stress and frustration.  

It’s not a wonder cure.  It doesn’t make everything perfect.  But it does help, more than many other things I’ve tried, because meditation goes to the core.  It changes the way I think, which has a positive impact on everything else.


What are some tips or advice you would want to share with beginners?

I’m new to meditation, and I’ve found that guided practice, in which an expert takes me through the meditation step by step, helps me stay engaged. When I try it on my own, it’s much more challenging because my mind starts wandering all over the place, and I can sit for 20 minutes and feel like my emotional state hasn’t changed at all.  So especially starting out, I’ve found it helpful to use a good guided practice. Later on, maybe I’ll become more skilled at meditating on my own.  

The guided practice would seem like a great way to learn.

The other thing I would say is that, no matter how busy we feel, there’s always time. It’s worth the effort to carve out space for meditation. I’ve been getting to work early and meditating at my desk, before I start the day, because that’s the only time I am alone and can concentrate.  That works for me.  The meditation doesn’t have to be long, but it really helps if it’s consistent, almost every day.


How has Aware Meditation App helped you in your journey?

What I like about the Aware app is that the meditations start short and expand day by day. That’s helped me build up my stamina. I also like that each course is focused on a single practice.  

For example, in the course on stress, the focus is on a visualization, inviting you to imagine a light slowly filling your body with warmth and peace. Every day, we revisit the visualization, each time in a more extended version.  

It helps me learn the practice well, and recall it when I need to during the day.

Finally, the guide communicates a lot of encouragement and hope in his voice. Listening to the meditations makes me feel more optimistic about myself and my day.


Best Meditation App

Aware guides you through the day with mindfulness, helping you achieve balance and clarity for a healthier and happier YOU. Spend just 10 to 20 minutes a day with our guided sessions to calm your mind, achieve more and become better. It has been rated as the best meditation app for beginners by multiple health experts and researchers.

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