15 Nov “It is never too late to re-arrange your life a little” - Gregg Decker, Mindfulness Hero

Aware recognizes the user of the month as a mindfulness hero because we can all take inspiration from them to live a healthier and a happier life by imbibing meditation and mindfulness in our lives. They’re our hero because they are not only taking good care of themselves but are also spreading the message of mindfulness in their community. Gregg Decker, hailing from Gilbert, Arizona, United States is our first ‘Mindfulness Hero‘. We got a chance to know about his experience with meditation and how it has helped him shape his life.

Gregg’s first encounter with meditation happened around 30 years ago when he had taken up transcendental meditation for 15 months. Unfortunately, he couldn’t continue and meditation didn’t find a place in his life until recently. However, he loved reading Alan Watts and J.  Krishna- murti and his favorite author for almost a decade is Eckhart Tolle.

All this time, he knew something was missing, and then, a few months back, he discovered what mindfulness was all about. Since then, he has been meditating everyday and he says he feels less anxious and stressed and he is more aware of the here and now. When we asked him what would he like to share with beginners, he says,”I am 65 years old and it is never too late to re-arrange your life a little.”

Gregg discovered the Aware app by a recommendation on Reddit and he says he has been very satisfied with the programs. “Aware makes the meditation exercises so much easier.”


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