27 Nov 10 Tips to Acquire The Eagle Nature Through Walking Meditation

Here are some incredible things you didn’t know about meditating while walking. The concept of The Eagle Nature is an interpretation of the great myth of Eros and Psyche. It is of Psyche’s third task assigned to her by Aphrodite where she must fill a crystal goblet with water from the River Styx. Psyche realizes the difficulty of this and feels a bit overwhelmed, but an eagle of Zeus appears by magic and asks for the crystal goblet. It then flies right to the center of the stream, lowers the goblet into the dangerous waters and allows it to fill. Thereafter, bringing it safely back to Psyche.

The river symbolizes life and the raging currents symbolize the day to day difficulties. If we approach too closely, we could easily be swept off and drowned. The task tells us how one must relate to the vastness of life, to do things one step at a time. The zeitgeist of the present day dictates: if a little is good, more is better. Following this creates a life which is never fulfilling. Even when we are engaged in one rich experience, we are looking  for another. There is no contentment because future plans are always intruding on the present. We must learn to live in the now. A little bit of quality, experienced in a state of high consciousness, is sufficient. We can focus on one aspect of life, or one experience, concentrate on it, dive deep into it, and be satisfied. Then, we can move on to whatever that may follow. Almost every person is overwhelmed by the excesses of modern life, even on a day to day basis. That is the time for the eagle view and the ‘one goblet at-a-time’ mentality.


One of the most powerful tools to attain The Eagle Nature in life is the practice of meditation. It’s a great tool to focus your energy and redirect your thoughts towards your own self. Meditation is not an unattainable task reserved for mythological sages. Anybody can start practicing it.

In fact, you don’t even need to sit for meditation. Here’s how you can meditate, while you walk!

  1. You can take up walking in a line or a circular path. You can cover the same path several times or take 10-15 steps forward and backward. You can start walking and continue it for five minutes and then return.
  2. You have to stand up in a straight position. Make sure that the spine is upright, but you shouldn’t be making an effort to stiffen the back. Your feet should be firmly grounded to distribute the body weight evenly.
  3. In this technique, curl your left-hand thumb in and wrap your fingers around the thumb. Raise your left hand and rest it on the belly button. Wrap your right hand around the left hand; the right thumb should rest in the gap that is formed between the left thumb and your index finger.
  4. You can drop your gaze slightly while walking. It will help you focus while walking. Also, if you look a few steps ahead, it will give a different feel to the experience.
  5. Now, lift your left foot. Try to feel it and start swinging. The heel should touch the ground. Feel it. Now feel the ball and then the toes.
  6. Now, lift the right foot and try to feel it. Start swinging it. Feel the heel touching the ground, then the ball and lastly the toes.
  7. Walk at a constant speed, little slower than your normal speed, but not too slow. If you get distracted, bring your attention back to normal.
  8. While you are walking, pay attention to how each foot is in direct contact with the surface.
  9. Now observe the things around yourself. Listen to the sounds and smell the things surrounding you. Do not try to differentiate between the smells that you like and dislike. Just make yourself aware of everything around you.
  10. At the end of the meditation practice, you’ll be able to notice a difference in your everyday morning walk. Walking meditation is a simple technique and anyone can perform it. So go ahead, walk on!
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