19 Jul 5 Great Postures for Meditation

Meditation has hundreds of benefits. Some of the commonly known benefits are weight reduction, enhancement of immune system, decrease in aging process, higher skin resistance etc. In simple terms, it can be said that practicing meditation is good for body as well as your brain. However, it is very necessary to sit in the correct postures if you wish to have the maximum positive effect on your emotions as well as mental states.

Two things which you have to keep in mind while sitting in a meditation posture are:

  1. You should allow yourself to feel relaxed and comfortable.
  2. You should allow yourself to be aware as well alert.

The 5 posture for Meditation

  • Lotus Pose

This is quite a common pose for meditation. You must have seen yogis and regular yoga practitioners sitting into this pose.

How to sit into this posture?

Full Lotus Pose: Sit on your mat and straighten your legs in front of you. Now fold your left leg and put your feet over your right thigh. Similarly, place your right feet over your left thigh. If you are comfortable with folding your right leg first, then you can do that too. Keep your spine erect and your palms one over the other in front of your stomach.

Lotus pose is said to be the toughest as well as the best pose for meditation.

Half Lotus Pose: In this pose, only one of your foot lie over the opposite thigh. The other foot lies simply below the knee or thigh of the leg on the top.

Who should do it?

This posture is suitable for those who have a flexible body. If you are not comfortable with this posture or feel pain in the knees then you must not sit in this posture. You can try other postures.

  • Burmese Pose

This is probably one of the easiest meditation postures you will ever come across.

How to sit into this pose?

Fold both your legs such that both your calves and heel rest on the floor in front of one another.

Who should do it?

If cross-legged or lotus pose is too hard for you or you are not comfortable with it, then this is a great pose.

  • Chair Pose

This is another easy as well as comfortable posture, but still you need to make sure that you do it right.

How to do it?

Sit on your chair with your spine erect and your feet lying firmly on the floor. Make sure that your hips and knees are aligned. It is fine if the base of your spine touches the back of chair but make sure that you do not lean back.

Who should do it?

It is a good pose for beginners. This posture is also good for those who find it difficult to sit on the floor.

  • Seiza Pose

You are going to need some good cushions for performing this posture.

How to do it?

Place the cushion on the floor. Kneel down and place your pillow in between your legs. Ideally placing one cushion is enough. But, you can use two or three cushions as per your height. Ensure that whatever number of cushions you use, you are sitting at the right height and also comfortable with it. This is because wrong cushions can lead to discomfort as well as slumping or hollow in your back.

Who should do it?

If you find meditating on the ground more comfortable and satisfying than sitting on a chair.

  • Lying Pose

If you are not in a mood to trying any of the sitting poses mentioned above then this pose is for you.

How to do it?

 Lie down on your mat with your knees bend and feet resting on your ground. Ensure that your knees do not touch other. Place a pillow beneath your head.

Who should do it?

Anyone who is too tired to sit.

Whichever pose you choose, ensure that you are comfortable in it. This is simply because if you are not comfortable then you won’t be able to relax. As a result, you won’t be able to mediate correctly. Also, if you are able to carry out a certain posture then leave it, as doing it wrong way can result in serious injuries. If you are a beginner, instead of struggling with the toughest postures, you must try out the easier postures.

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