Have you Lost a lot of Friends in the Way

17 Aug Have You Lost A Lot of Friends In The Way?

Everyone needs friends in their life. A friend completes the circle of relationships. They are meant to stay with your forever and help you handle the varied situations of life with grace. Be it a happy moment or a sad one, a friend is forever to stay.

We grow with these beliefs as a child that a once found friendship shall last forever but with the ever changing situations, you often find yourself in the lack of the company you enjoy and trust the most. There can be instances such as lifestyle changes, finding another partner or friend, travelling or just getting hassled in the everyday battles when even a phone call seems impossible. The forever promises made on a pinky, seem to get vanished under the burden of puberty.

As relationships help define who you are and there is always an empty space for a bestie that can help you make decisions with grace, boost your confidence and help you win your mental as well as physical battles, here are a few tips on how you can nurture your friendship:

When Moving Away
Moving houses, country or schools is an inevitable part of life. But when it happens, it feels unreal and your world comes to a halt. The idea of losing someone you held so dearly can be shattering. Therefore, make a bond with your friend and give them your thorough contact details to help stay in touch. In this digital era, Facebook usually does the trick.

Finding a Partner
It is not always necessary that you find a partner who admires the same bunch of people as you. Therefore, if you find yourself in such a relationship where you have to choose between your friend and your partner, breathe. It is a difficult situation, meditation and simple breathing technique of excusing yourself from the room to make this decision often helps. Evaluate your choices wisely and then take a call.

Getting Married or Handling a Baby
When you get married or have a baby, being a man or a woman, you are often expected  to give more time at home to share responsibilities and love. At such times, you often lose touch with your friends. A friend helps you stay in touch with your true self and find happiness around all the bustling. Therefore, it is advised to spend at least sometime, may be at a bar over the weekend or even a lunch with your friend to share your life with them to help you maintain your true nature while nurturing all relationships at hand.

Fight of the Strata
Career goals often break friendships. But build a friendship that is beyond the strata. You may have reached the mountain in your career and your friend is still breaking stones at the bottom, it is your duty that the power of money, fame or power does not rule your love for one another in a friendship. Nurturing a friendship is the key to stay connected with your true self and what better than being in touch with someone who knows you in and out.

Getting Over Differences
When you grow up, your choices often change. At such times, you may find it difficult to deal with the differences that occur between you and your friend. Conversation is the key to such a situation. Talk your differences out and help heal a relationship you have nurtured through the years.

Make a calendar

Time, as it flows, life changes and we lose touch with friends from whom staying in touch doesn’t seem very necessary. But, taking some time out to call your old friends only help you to rejuvenate your mind, reignite old dreams and passions and find love in your life. So, make a calendar for Sunday or on holidays and mark the people whom you should call or send a text.


You know it very well. With friends around, traveling just can’t get better. So make plans, at least once a year, and go for an outing with friends. In this way, you not only stay in touch with your friends, but you also stay in touch with your childhood.

Nurturing relationships is the key nature of a giving human. Preserve this nature to grow beyond materialistic desires and seek happiness of the heart with a true friendship. Go ahead, call an old friend now, and you can thank me later.

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