14 Jun 4 Ways to Find Strength in Yourself

-Janice Tang, Hong Kong

There are many times in life when we question ourselves. Why are we doing what we do? What am I trying to accomplish here? Is there something more I can do? Why am I still unhappy with my life? It’s a full circle of questioning and trying to seek for answers. Moments when you feel, you have everything in life, caring family, loving partner, and stable job, your mind unravels and seeks for more and more. It’s a toxic environment when mind constantly craves for more. More money, more prestige, more love, and more of everything. The constant desire for more often drives us to a very depressing and narrow mindset. The trick is to build strength and resilience by training our mind through mindfulness every day.

  1. Mindfulness put us in a low-risk, safe, and secure position. It is a reminder that the presence is peaceful and harmonious to reconnect our mind with the blessings we have. The fact that we are surrounded by our loved ones to meet our basic needs. These simple necessities that we should always be thankful for.
  1. A constant reminder to always be the best form of ourselves. Part of mindfulness is to give gratitude for others. It is a time of reflection on the wellness of our being and the small joyful moments incurred every day. When we recognize the small joys in life, our happiness gradually pays forward to create happier moments for others.
  1. Make peace with yourself. Often time, we are our own biggest enemy. We criticize what we do. We get fed up about the little things. Mindfulness retrieve ourselves to the purest form, one without any distraction. We create a peace of mind and build trust in our own instincts. It is a practice of being comfort in our own skin. Be happy and merry with the presence.
  1. Toning our focus on tackling the next goal. Mindfulness is a practice of concentration. You put your body, mind and soul to focus on realizing the steps to achieve the next goal. When your mind is in it to win it, you often strive for nothing but success.

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