How meditation can make you a better partner

17 Aug How Meditation can Make you a Better Partner

Meditation is a world phenomenon when it comes to attaining inner peace. But little do people know that this solitary activity can be commenced with your significant other. When meditation is undertaken with a partner, you encourage one another to be calm and analyze situations that are usually common and help find solutions to things in favor of both. You take the idea of connecting with your partner to another level when your energies and auras combine to create a circle of life around you. It helps you prioritize one another over other petty things and appreciate the mere presence of one another.

Meditation can make you a better partner by allowing you to follow the basic ground rules of any relationship. The problems arise when we stray away from these ground rules on a sub-conscious level leading to problems. Here are a few qualities you can attain with meditation in the process of becoming a wonderful partner one can have and nurture your relationship for the days to come:

Nurturing Intuition
The bond between couples is usually guarded by a level of intuition. This intuition plays a vital role in the law of attraction and helps maintain trust. With the help of meditation, you can strengthen this bond of intuition and hear the desires of your partner beyond words.

Build Compassion
Compassion is a quality highly expected from a person in relationship. Meditation helps us prioritize our partner’s needs above ours and deal with situations with compassion leading to a more giving nature. This quality helps strengthen relationships and helps you become a better partner, individually.

Improvised Listening
Psychologists over highlight the importance of listening to one another in any relationship. When the listening becomes selective or does not exists, problems erupt. With the help of mediation, you tend to become calmer and less harrowed by the talks of your partner. This quality helps in building compassion among each other and understand each other beyond words.

Increased Sexual Desires
When partners meditate together, they blend their energies leading to sparks. These sparks heighten their feelings for one another and help them in better portrayal of their love. Sex is a result of these sparks. Sex helps you project your respect and priority towards your partner in an artistic form. With the help of meditation, you can develop a giving nature and ensure that the needs of your partner come above yours for a harmonious sexual energy. You will be surprised at the appreciation of your nature and shall be duly rewarded.

Decreases Stress and Anxiety
With the help of meditation, you will be able to identify your role in a relationship and work towards the betterment of your relationship. You will also start appreciating the minor details in your partner leading to a more compassionate nature. This will result in the reduction of stress and anxiety leading to making you a brilliant partner to have.

So, if you want to nurture your relationship, start with yourself now. Focus on your pros and cons in the process of becoming a better human first and then a great partner.

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