17 Sep How to Keep Negative Emotions Away at any Hour of the Day?

Negative emotions can creep in when you least expect it. You may be having a wonderful start to your day and suddenly a negative thought cloud passes by. You feel caught up, cornered and suffocated by the thought. You feel that you are unable to get out of the loop of negativity. Such are the times when you need to look up to meditation.

The act of meditation does not always involve finding a resting spot and concentrating on your thoughts but the power to feel in control over your mind and body which dominate your act. Regular practice of meditation builds your internal immunity towards handling chaos. You are able to slow down the fast-paced transformations and view life or a given situation at hand in slow-mo to make better decisions.

Here’s a sneak peak of what kind of negative emotions can creep into your head and how best can you handle it:

6 AM
You start your day after a restless night, may because of a crying baby or nightmares. You hate the idea of waking up and doing what you love to do or do your best. This is when the simple of act of controlled breathing, for a matter of a few minutes, can help you plan your day and list down the things you need to do. This will avoid any kind of unwanted surprises through the day and help you perform with utmost efficiency.
9 AM
You were supposed to be in office at 8am but you are still stuck in traffic or your clothes are crumbled from traveling in public transport. Worry not, carry your attitude with style and the rest shall follow. Tune into your favorite song, hum it or sing it aloud to drift away from the thought monsters to feel happy and in control of your situation and win the pitch with your swag.

You get a call from home saying your dog is unwell or your child has swallowed a toy. You pack your bags to go home but you are pulled in a meeting with one of the most important people in your organization, you are unable to concentrate and feel caught up in negativity. At such times, excuse yourself in the washroom for a few minutes. Take your time to analyze the situation at hand and finding the best solution, probably asking your partner to reach home before you or your relative, once you have sorted one thing out, check out the next. Take control of your breathing and focus. Find the smartest solution that can either end the situation in your favor or postpone it for later. Prioritizing is the key, both in your mind and in reality.

3 PM
You are about to feel relaxed that everything for the day is under control and you get a stinker from the client. You are shaken and unable to think. Consider office meditation at such times. Focus on the situation by analyzing the past and a possible solution. If is your mistake, admit it, be a better and bigger human. Think about the universe and this situation as one of the pettiest things you need to worry about. Imagine yourself in your happy place, such as mountain top or by the beach, bring a smile on your face and respond.

6 PM
You want to go home early like everyone else stuck in traffic, so stop honking, cutting lanes, or breaking signals. Be calm and patient with utmost mindfulness. Let the person in a rush go first, he might have his house on fire, you will never know. Smile at the driver of the next car, wish him a good evening, be a better human at heart and act.


9 PM
It’s time to call it a day and you are still on a call with your client holding a baby in one hand and phone in the other. You are tired and want to run away from everything just to get your most deserved beauty sleep that you haven’t had for days.  This is the time when you need to be calm and only meditation can come to your rescue. Take some time out in a room and ask your family members not to disturb you for 10 minutes. Make time for yourself so that others learn to give you your deserved space. Breath and focus on the happy things in your life like your child’s smile, your appraisal mail, the client’s happy feedback etc. and view your negative situation with a positive lens.

So, no matter what hour of the day, you can always find a way to calm yourself down and keep negativity away. Never succumb to any negativity and keep your mind engrossed in it. Know that it is not going to help you in any way. Every moment, try to bring positivity into your life.

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