26 Jul Mindfulness Can Help You Develop Compassion and Gratitude

Mindfulness is a state of mind, achieved through intense concentration and awareness about your being and surroundings. It is about keeping an open mind and heart to welcome the thoughts of others to help you analyze their situation better and help them sail through it. It is a therapeutic technique to raise self awareness towards feelings and bodily sensations. It is about exploring your power as a human being beyond the five senses.

What is gratitude? Gratitude is the act of being thankful. Gratitude fills your heart with love and empathy. It incorporates mindfulness to help you become thankful. When gratitude is clubbed with compassion, you can achieve inner peace by letting your worries go and reflect on your positive aura on others by being kind to them. This state of mind can be achieved by various meditation techniques that allow you to reflect on your deeds and shower your gratitude on the ones who played a strong role in helping you to realize them.

With the help of compassion and gratitude you can achieve the power of mindfulness and use it for the betterment of yourself and the society. You can gain access and control over this power with the help of meditation. So, how do you initiate the process of being a better human? Here’s how-

Be a giver
There are givers and then there are takers. It is easy to take things from others such as favors or even materialistic things. What makes you a bigger human is that you have developed the capacity to ensure that you give more than what you have taken. Imagine, taking a favor of hiring someone’s car for a day when yours is in the garage. How about returning the favor by taking their car for a wash and some repairs as a surprise? They will owe you for life and you shall earn a good friend in return. That wasn’t so hard now, was it?

Forgive and forget
Yes, it is easier said than done. But with the help of meditation you shall be able to let go of your ego. To your surprise, meditation teaches you to be a bit selfish. It keeps your feelings at top of others in order to not just help you but also the one you care for. This in return reflects inner peace and fulfillment from the deeds you have committed. With the help of meditative concentration, you will be able to identify the core of your anger or discomfort and learn to let go.

Love every creature
Mother nature has given us in abundance not just food but also creatures. Be respectful towards other species. Help one in need. For example, if you like dogs or cats, visit your nearest shelter to adopt one than request a breeder to create one for you. Be compassionate towards every creature and show your gratitude towards mother nature by nurturing her gifts. The quality of compassion and gratitude is what makes us different and powerful from other creatures and with the help of meditation you shall be able to open doors to your considerate side.

Be thankful
Thank every creature, be it humans or not, for what they have given you. You may not be aware of their gifts to you, such as, a honey bee that gives you honey for your breakfast, so the next time you see one don’t kill it but rather let it fly free in open. Meditate to heal your heart and forgive the ones who have sinned against you. Meditate to develop love for all and be thankful to them in ways that does not always put you in the limelight but the power of your deed escalates you over others.

Mindfulness can help you explore your compassionate side and make you more thankful towards all creatures. It helps you develop a feeling of gratitude and widen the circle of good karma as you know, ‘what goes around, comes around’.

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