31 Jan Lessons From The Other Side Of The Subconscious Mind

Once you mindfully access the subconscious mind, you can teach it to undergo a lot of changes because of meditation- you’ve heard this before. But what if I told you, that the subconscious mind can actually change or teach YOU, because of meditation.

Yes, with meditation you will start to see a multitude of changes in your behavior and your thinking. But what if your subconscious was able to point necessary changes to you, indirectly sending you a secret message inside the mind, telling your gut that something needs fixing- before you realize it?
The subconscious mind is like a two-year-old, it wants to copy everything that it sees. Whether the child learns from the environment, from the parents or even from the media- it soaks everything up like a big ol’ sponge! The mind is like that sponge and the subconscious is like that two-year-old, just soaking everything you feel, think and act since you were born and then stores that in the body and manifests that.

The times where you have to face extreme stress- is ideally not when a light bulb goes on inside the mind. I woke up today, exhausted and decided to make myself happy and energized by feeding my body with all kinds of my favorite food throughout the day! So I decided, that chocolate needs to be involved, of course, the subconscious mind was hinting about my childhood instincts for the love of chocolate. You can clearly see that the one thing that I LOVE since I knew what chocolate tastes like, was stored into my subconscious mind and affects how I feel, think and act.

So based on what my subconscious mind told me, I went ahead with all of my already tried and tested, 100 % accurate favorites foods. In the midst of cooking for breakfast, lunch, and dinner - I had to force myself to chop, boil and saute things fast and furiously! I was telling myself to beat time and go into flash mode! While I knew it was important to get to work on time- I also knew it was equally important for me to put my body first- and if eating delicious comfort food would put me in a better mood and please my mindful taste buds, my productivity would rise as I would be internally satisfied.
Saying this to myself I debated with time, my hands were moving as fast as it could, my mind was going a 100 miles per hour, and my body was being pushed to the limit….and it was in this rush or in this storm of stress and emotion that something hit me! It hit me like a ton of bricks- My cortisol levels were off the roof!

And I felt like I needed to go outside of my body and take a second to look at what I have become, I slowed down my thoughts as I watched me pacing around like a mad food in slow motion, I felt like I should scold myself for letting go of calmness. I felt ashamed that I was not in control of things I have been training my mind to do. I felt totally and utterly Mind-LESS.

I think the reason WHY it hit me, all of a sudden was because my subconscious was telling me to get back to peace. Everyday with meditation, I have been training it to fight all my instincts to react negatively. I have been training it to be at peace…and today, of all days, it took a little bit of a need for speed, for my subconscious to train me, to hint back at me, to correct me.
That’s the amazing power meditation has- the power to let your subconscious mind change and re-program YOU, rather than you re-programming it.

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