10 Apr Secrets of the Subconscious Mind!

According to your mind, there is one that is way more powerful than the conscious one - The subconscious!

It is said that only the subconscious mind will be able to break bad habits, control negative behavior and revamp one’s emotions or thinking!In order to do this, you have to learn to access the subconscious and train it.

These secrets of the subconscious will determine how you can train it, so as to gain its benefits:

Number 1: Deep Rooted.

The longer your subconscious mind believes something, the tougher it will be for you to alter this belief.

Number 2: Your Body Obeys It.

If you have to get ready for a presentation or go live, and you are nervous, your body is going to react to what your mind thinks. Your heart will race.

Similarly, if you are certain that you are going to fail an exam then you will indeed fail it, although you have what it takes to succeed. Your thoughts and expectations serve as the master plan for your subconscious mind. So whenever you think of something your subconscious mind will do its best to make it come true.

Number 3:  It Doesn’t Differentiate Between Real Situations And Visualizations.

You know that feeling when you watch a really scary movie - your heart rate is high, and you shrink in fear and terror despite facing no real or apparent danger. This is because your subconscious mind doesn’t differentiate between real and imagery situations. Hence, it assumes that you are face to face with real danger instead of an imagery one.

Similarly, if you calmly visualized yourself being confident and lucid a couple of minutes before a  presentation, then your subconscious mind will believe that you’ve performed well in the ” past ” and might do so again in real time!

Number 4: Makes Time Pass Much Faster.

Doesn’t time seem to fly by whenever we do something interesting or exciting? An amazing date, a great discussion, an awesome movie are all situations where you never look at the time, unless you were bored! The subconscious mind doesn’t have a sharp sense of time so it will feel as though you’ve barely spend time doing something you enjoy!

Speaking of things joyful activities - who doesn’t love to sleep or nap?

When we sleep, time passes by much faster too! This is because the conscious mind becomes dormant and the subconscious one stays awake- that’s how we see dreams related to our deep emotions.

Number 5: Adds Value To Inner Beliefs.

If you believe that you have a very large nose and someone made a remark confirming your insecurities, then you will probably believe even more that you’re nose is too big.

Number 6: Ideas Remain Firm Until It Gets Replaced.

People once believed that the atom was the smallest particle. People have also believed that the earth was flat.

When studies come out that prove beliefs wrong- we all accept new facts and replace our old beliefs with the new one. The same goes for our ideals and values. That’s how we can change our behavior by changing the subconscious mind.

Number 7: It Always WINS Against The Conscious Mind.

If you were asked to hold a snake that won’t harm you, you will feel afraid and anxious despite consciously convincing yourself that there is nothing to be scared of. The same analysis goes for achluophobia (afraid of the dark).

If you passed into a dark room you will definitely afraid, despite telling yourself that there is nothing to be afraid of. This happens because the subconscious mind is more powerful than the conscious mind.

Number 8: Suggestions Enable Re-Programming.

This is the main idea behind meditation.  Repeatedly sending suggestions to the subconscious mind enables it to accepts all suggestions that are sent to it provided that the conscious mind’s supervision is absent.

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Nehita is a mindfulness expert who writes extensively on lifestyle management, wellness and ways to lead a healthier and a happier life. She is a part of Aware’s expert team on meditation. She is also an avid artist who spends most her time dribbling amazing stories through art.

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