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The family is where a life begins, and love never ends. It is said to be the greatest blessing a person can ever have. But, sometimes problems arise in families too. The tensions at work turn into anger at home. Father may shout at his kids for no reason. Due to work pressure, women of the house might fail to manage her time very well and get frustrated. Children many times find it difficult to focus on their studies and remember what they learn. This can affect their grades which would make their parents unhappy. Thus, it can be said that everyone in a family suffers from one problem or the other which might lead to negative consequences. These consequences can make one or more family members feel panicky, cluttered, chaotic, etc. People weren’t born to feel that way nor fight with their loved ones and wish they were different. They were born to bond with them and love them and live a peaceful and happy life with them. If you are confused about how this is even possible then, mindful meditation is the answer to your confusion.

Why practice Mindfulness with Family?

People often tend to lose the contact with their tender selves because of the wild storms in the life. Mindfulness can help them to stay connected with themselves amidst this storm.

Listed below are five benefits of practicing mindfulness with family.

  1. It makes your family calmer

Even if a single person practices mindful meditation in a family, other members can enjoy the fruit of calmness. So, if you are the one practicing guided meditation in your house, then it will not only calm your nerves but will also calm your kids and your partner. It will calm your relationships without any condition.

This might be difficult to believe that how mindfulness practiced by one person can ease the whole family, but it is the truth. According to studies conducted on emotional contagion, humans tend to pick up the emotional state of people around them without having a hint about it. Thus, when you practice mindfulness and have a calm state of mind, your family members are likely to pick that up from you. This will happen not just because they will imitate you but because their brain will communicate with your calm mind. Thus, calm parents will lead to calm children.

  1. Improve focus, attention and memory

Studies show that mindfulness helps you to increase your focus and also helps you remember things. So children practicing mindful meditation will be able to study better and perform better in school. This can eventually help them in improving their performance.

  1. Develops relationships

When under stress, people are very likely to give knee-jerk reactions to other people. This can affect their relationships negatively. For example, parents under stress or exhaustion often scold their kids a lot for a minuscule mistake or no mistake at all. This can have an adverse impact on children which might even hamper their relationship with their parents. Thus, it is very necessary to prevent such reactions towards your family members, and mindfulness can help you with this.

When being mindful is your habit, you stay aware of your vulnerabilities and needs. You focus your attention on calming yourself down instead of venting your anger on someone unnecessarily. You divert your attention to happy thoughts from the thoughts which make you sad, angry or irritates you.

Thus, if one or more family members adopt this practice, relationships are bound to improve.

  1. Promotes Happiness

When you forget about the worries of your past and future and all your focus is on the present moment, you are in a process to cultivate a happier mind and body. You stay in the moment and enjoy it. Thus, when you and your family practice mindfulness, it will not only strengthen your relationship but will also bring happiness in your family.


  1. Beneficial for overall well-being

Mindfulness has a lot of benefits like it helps in stress reduction, improve attention, regulate emotions, feel compassionate, etc. Be it, kids or parents, stress manages to find a way to enter everyone’s lives which can take a toll on their health. Thus, it is very necessary to adopt mindful practices to cope up with your stress in time for your well-being.

A family that eats together and practices mindfulness together strengthens their relationships and stays happy together. Mindful family, happy family!

Purva Jain

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