28 Jun Our Youngest Meditator Utkarsh Talks About His Journey!

Our teenage ” Mindfulness Hero- Utkarsh ” surprised us all when we found out that he was passionate about meditation.  This is an awesome example to see how the world can be inspired by peace and awareness whether you’re a teen or an adult. I hope this inspires more of the younger generations to give meditation a try because the goal of mindfulness is to address some of their issues before they get to the point of actually being issues! Here are 4 awesome tips he gave us to inspire fellow meditators: 

1.When was it that you realized that you need to take up meditation?

I realized I should meditate when a meditation expert came to my class and told us the benefits of meditating.


2.How has meditation helped you in becoming a better person?

Meditation has helped me become a better person by thinking more clearly. I feel more aware, to be honest. Every morning I felt lighter than I usually did.


3.What made you stick to Aware?

I like the pricing scheme, responsive customer support, material design and the various meditation courses. These factors made me stick to the Aware app.


4.What has been your life-hack to make meditation a habit?

To make meditation my habit I installed an application from Google Play Store named as Loop - Habit Tracker to track my meditation record.  After meditating, I check out meditation from the app to track my habit and this has motivated me to practice as often as I can.




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