26 Jun The Importance of Visualization During Pregnancy

Visualization is a scientifically proven prenatal mindfulness technique for pregnant women to actually prepare the body and the mind for a healthy pregnancy and delivery. It is a technique that uses the power of your imagination to reach a deep state of relaxation and emotional calm. And as you do that,it  will guide you to let go of your thoughts and feelings and thereby you will feel free from all the tension and worry regarding your pregnancy.

Many child birth experts educate women about using visualization to reduce fear during labor, especially if it’s the first time. Your mind is a powerful tool to use to your advantage during pregnancy. Check out this story.

Guided imagery can be very empowering in every day experiences, but even more so for something as daunting as child birth. That’s why active participation( mental visualization) is amazing! It doesn’t end with labor, it’s about taking positive steps from the get go. This is more than imagining your cervix opening up, or your body changing to accommodate your precious baby- it’s about watching your baby descend down the birthing canal to meet you! It is better to start practicing mindfulness at the preconception stage by both the parents. Mindfulness helps the body to produce healthy eggs and sperms, which lays the strong foundation of a healthy baby.

Here are 5 visualization techniques you can use at any stage of pregnancy:


Number 1:  Let your hands touch your belly, gently cradling your baby. What sensations do you feel beneath your hands? Observe every sensation like movement or warmth. Now, breathe in and out slowly. Don’t try to fight any thoughts that come up, simply be one with your baby. If any more thoughts arise, pretend they are like a leaf floating away in the wind.  Do this for 5 minutes every day and gradually add more minutes to this routine each week.

Number 2:  A good way to keep up with labor pain is to visualize a wave. Meditation, when combined with mental imagery is a strong tool for combating pain. Visualize a wave at its peak of intensity and then let it slowly come down! When your contraction rises, so does the wave and when the wave goes down, so does the pain.  The less you fight the wave, the more relaxed you will be!

Number 3:  I’m sure most of us speak to our consciousness or body silently. We all think in silence and communicate to ourselves in silence! Sometimes we even encourage ourselves! There is a lot of power in self-encouragement. The power of believing something when we say it, helps to train the mind to push past challenges. It makes people run faster, lift heavier, and think better! Similarly, you can talk to encourage yourself by choosing a mantra like ” Put your big girls pants on, we have to stay strong for the baby” This can be very useful during mental and physical challenges during pregnancy!

Number 4: The sacred lotus flower is a sign of openness! Breathe in and visualize a beautiful opening lotus with every contraction. Imagine that your cervix is a beautiful blossoming flower. Use the mantra “Open, Open, Open” as you get ready to bring the light of your love into this world!

Number 5: Whenever you are stressed out, relax the muscles on your forehead. A lot of tension reaches an invisible space between your eyebrows called the third eye. You can gently massage this area on your forehead, as the pineal gland, which is placed there can make a huge difference. This gland produces a hormone called serotonin. which we do not like! As it affects the regulation of your wake-sleep cycle and energy levels! Become aware of the tension you build up there and be sure to relax the “third eye” for maximum calmness!

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Nehita is a mindfulness expert who writes extensively on lifestyle management, wellness and ways to lead a healthier and a happier life. She is a part of Aware’s expert team on meditation. She is also an avid artist who spends most her time dribbling amazing stories through art.

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