28 May Josephine on Enjoying A Better Quality Of Life!

Say hi to Josephine Breen! She found it hard to practice meditation on a daily basis and a lot of us can relate to that. It is tough to form a habit, and it’s only natural in the beginning, for our mind to be pre-occupied with other things.

That’s when she began to use Aware and found real solutions! She even says that she wakes up looking forward to meditating!

So, common, let’s begin her awesome story:

1.When was it that you realized that you need to take up meditation?

I started meditation about 30 years ago, through my yoga practice. So I’m not exactly new to it!  However, I found it difficult to keep on doing it, so my therapist recommended Aware.


2.What made you stick to Aware?

Before I downloaded Aware, I found it hard to practice meditation regularly. Now, it is not only easy for me to do it every day, I also find the guided meditation sessions and mindfulness to suit me.  I feel like it’s the same as having your own personal teacher!

In fact, it is much better than that, because apart from not having to pay for a therapist you are free to meditate anytime that suits you. Another factor is the “singles” and the short 5 to 20 mins sessions are brilliant! There is such a lot to choose from and it covers so much about being mindful!


3.How has meditation helped you in becoming a better person?

Meditation helped me become more mindful. This has given me a better quality of life.


4.What has been your life-hack to make meditation a habit?

Aware has been really helpful in making meditation a habit! I love Aware and will continue using and looking forward to my meditation each day. Thank you very much for a wonderful and understanding and compassionate app!

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