01 Jun Jax Shares His Simple Truth To Meditation!

The most amazing part of this fun interview is what Jax spoke about in the end! It is the best part of meditation: a clear head space.
He spoke about how his mind is really good at wandering, which, hey, we can all understand! The beginning of any meditation session is when the mind comes up with chattering thoughts about random things.
But in the middle of his meditation, the guided voice asked him to ” Let go and allow the mind to do whatever it wants to do.” During that instance- the mind actually held on to breathing and nothing else. The ability to be one with your mind and body is amazing. And that happens when our brain is not wandering!


Let’s jump right into Jax’s story:


1. What does meditation mean to you?

Depends on the meditation, but in general, it allows me to check in and centre myself so that I can just be the best me I can be at that point in time!

2. Could you share some tips on meditation for beginners?

My tip for beginners would be: Don’t expect anything and to just go with the flow. It takes a while to realise why meditation is often referred to as a practice.

3. What are the few challenges you have faced with meditation and how have you overcome them?

I find that meditation itself is a continuous challenge, in a good way. I struggle with the visualization especially but hey, no one will find everything easy.

4. How has Aware helped to make meditation easier for you?

The guided meditations help bring me back to my breath.
My mind is fabulous at wandering when it’s left alone, but tell it to wander and my mind focuses on my breath like life depends on it 😉
  • Catherine S. Stewart
    Posted at 06:47h, 18 September Reply

    Thanks for sharing about why meditation is a practice. One part of the guided practice that has a great impact on my meditation is having a faint smile (or half-smile) on my face. When I forget to smile gently, my attitude is less positive! Have you found that to be true for you?

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