17 Apr The Joy of Effective Awareness with Johann

Johann, is someone that we can all relate to. A lot of us, just like him, work long hours to support ourselves and our families. Since it is very hard to have a work-life balance with the pressure and demands of the economy, it’s become almost natural for most of us to fall into the trap of daily stress.

But here’s a great example of how, even though work-life balance may seem like a myth, meditation has helped to control tension in and out of work. One of the most amazing things that Johann has said is that, he is now more aware of both, others and himself. This is amazing because it helps in identifying areas to work on while remaining calm till you get to your goals ( could be work goals or relationship goals).

We hope his story inspires everybody today! Let’s begin.


When was it that you realized that you need to take up meditation?
I’m 32 years old, and I work about 12 hours a day, so I’ve been very tired and stressed.  With mindfulness I’ve improved in so many skills in my day to day life, which are necessary to help me improve those activities and remain calm. I have also been able to focus on things that are really important in life.
How has meditation helped you in becoming a better person?
With mindfulness I was able to concentrate more at work, and I was more calm. I feel better about myself and I get along better with others. I have a better “effective awareness” of others, so I can do much more for people like my friends and family.
What made you stick to Aware?
Aware is a friendly app, it is very easy to handle. The meditations are progressive in difficulty, so if you don’t have experience, it is not a problem. The training was great, and you have brief exercises, like Energizers, that you can do at work, or before a meeting, etc.
What has been your life-hack to make meditation a habit?
I have been looking for an app to do mindfulness meditation everyday, but every app that tried didn’t seem to fit me. And then I found Aware. It has helped me form a habit of meditating regularly.
 Aware guides you through the day with mindfulness, helping you achieve balance and clarity for a healthier and happier YOU. Spend just 10 to 20 minutes a day with our guided sessions to calm your mind, achieve more and become better. It has been rated as the best meditation app for beginners by multiple health experts and researchers.
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