30 Aug Stress and Sex don’t go well together

Sex is a form of art. It is a way of nature to help us appreciate its creation in the most intimate manner. But we often lose our path in understanding sex as it is not need driving but highly triggered by emotions. As happiness, sadness, enthusiasm, anger etc. are a form of emotions, so is engaging in sex. But often this emotion is over shadowed by the complex storm of emotions in our minds led by stress and anxiety. This stress and anxiety is the result of our busy lives and cluttered priorities. We consider sex as a part of our routine and schedule it as we schedule our official meetings or appointment at the physicists. We forget the core of our being, our giving nature and our ability to share love towards a fellow human. Therefore, the merger of these strong emotions of stress and sex do not go well together.

Here’s a deep dive in understanding the problem.

Sex is a cosmic connection. It starts with a level of infatuation which is usually the attraction of energies or vibes and later on takes the form of physical exploration to unleash these energies. Therefore, to discover the highest caliber of sex, one needs to connect with the other. When the mind and body are constantly at the war of prioritizing and finds it difficult to relax, these energies are often misguided and do not allow you to enjoy your session. At such times, you must look up to mediation. Meditation is an art form that allows one to make peace with themselves and relish each phase or moment of life at it comes.

In this modern world, people are often phobic to the word commitment. The word commitment is not always related to spending years together but being mentally as well as physically present with your loved one. This stage occurs after one has surpassed the level of developing a connection. Meditation helps one get over the fear of commitment and develops gratitude towards a more giving nature.

People with busy minds often face the issue of sexual dysfunction. This is usually not the problem of an organ but the mind that controls it. It is led by anxiety, fear, and stress. When you come closer to a partner clouded by the thoughts of your next morning deadline or the review of your partner or maybe you are too tired but expected to give your best shot leads to under performance. At such times, the best way to deal with these situations is to escape it, for a while. Visit the loo or a room where no one can disturb you, meditate and relax your body and mind and then take on the activity at hand.


Communication plays a vital role when you express your state of mind with your partner to set their expectations right. Talking and knowing the needs of your partner forms the key to your sexual relationship. This helps you define your moves that are best suited to fulfill yours as well as your partner’s needs. You must also talk during sex to known what works or not during the session. This habit leads to the strengthening of bonds beyond the bedroom for a highly intimate and nurtured relationship.

Meditation often solves the issues related to the pressure of sexual wellness. Stress can lead to not only making yourself unhappy but also your partner. It is best to keep stress out of the bedroom and happiness in for a fruitful sexual relationship.

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