20 Apr Thank you for being a part of our Beta Program!

A journey is best measured in friends, not in miles - Tim Cahill

It was almost an year back, in the summer of 2016, when we, at Aware, set out to build something that can make a difference in people’s lives. We were a group of people who had shaped their lives using meditation; were teachers spreading the light of mindfulness at different parts of the globe; and connected together with one goal - to take mindfulness meditation, the way it should rightfully be, to even the last person on Earth.

With that dream, we set on a journey. We worked day and night to meticulously build courses, tested our courses on hundreds of groups of people, and the results were a little more than remarkable, compiled in a research study, titled – Mindfulness and Psychology Based Self–help Mobile Application: A Promising New Approach in Reducing Work Stress and Anxiety which has been published in the reputed International Journal of Applied Sciences.

We went ahead and built a very simple version of the app and launched it for people with a Beta Program on Android and iOS. The Beta Program offered lifetime access to all the content on Aware for an one-time payment of just 4.99 USD. Since then, there has been no looking back.

  • In 5 months, we have helped more than 100,000 users to make a difference in their lives using meditation.
  • Under our campaign, I Am Stronger Than My Stress, we gifted 7659 people with free lifetime subscription of Aware. The love we received from those people was way more valuable than what we had gifted them with.
  • We assisted more than 5000 people personally, taking phone calls, writing emails even after midnight. And we’re so glad to share with you that almost each one of them have shown consistent improvement in their fight against stress, anxiety and depression.
  • We tied up with 14 organizations across the globe and assisted their community personally to manage life crises.


With 100,388 users right now, we ran one of the largest Beta Programs ever seen, and we want to thank each one of you from the core of our hearts for your love and support. You all have been truly amazing.

  • You wrote to us whenever you discovered a bug in the app so that we could rectify them. Thank you.
  • You wrote to us with such valuable suggestions and feedbacks that we have implemented some and have a lot to do in the coming year. Thank you.
  • You referred Aware to your friends and family because of which we could reach out to so many people so quickly. Thank you.
  • You praised and wrote touching reviews for us at Playstore that motivated us to get better with each update. Thank you.
  • You showed tremendous patience when we did major errors in the app and in fact supported us to fix the issues quickly. Thank you.


You’re our amazing Beta User and we owe a lot more to you than we could give you for the success of the Beta Program. On 30th April, we would finally end our Beta Program with few promises to you, our users-

  • We will continue to work harder and build effective meditation courses, singles and energizers. We will customize them according to your needs.
  • We will continue to assist you personally at any hour of the day to lead a healthier and a happier life.
  • We will connect and engage with you more effectively and provide more value to you.
  • We will continue to bring high-end technology in your hand that would make meditation much more easier for you.
  • We will continue to be the most affordable meditation guide for our new users.
  • We will continue to support communities from across the globe by gifting subscriptions to Aware.


Upgrade to premium with an one-time payment of 4.99 USD on or before 30th April 2017 and enjoy the privileges of being a Beta User. This introductory price will cease to exist from 1st May 2017. There’s a long way to go for us; our dream is still far from complete, and we wish to receive your love and support for us forever.

Happy meditating with Aware!

With love,

Aware Team.



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