06 Dec 12 things that Mindful People Do Differently

Do you ever consider that mindfulness can be a part of your life? These mindful people are actually doing it!
Find out what the followers of mindfulness have been doing differently from your routine! If it inspires you, pick up your phone, type “mindfulness mediation sessions” or login to our app and begin your journey !
You will find small changes within yourself as you practise mindfulness and in another 2 weeks, everybody around you will feel the difference too!


It never hurts to be different, so get motivated to try out these 12 things that may be life changing and are fantastic and concrete ways to work more mindfulness into your everyday life.
1. They don’t believe their thoughts and don’t take them all that seriously.

-They don’t take things that are negative very seriously, and avoid taking things to the heart.

2. They understand all things come and go.

-Life is not constant, life is ever changing so even the worst things will come and go.

3. They do one thing all the time.

- They try to being aware of their actions, all the time.

4. They turn everyday tasks into mindful moments.

- By including mindfulness in every day life, it can help to live in the moment and savour every facet of life. Even mundane tasks seems more important when you realise how valuable life is.

5. They practice being curious.

- Mindfulness is very stimulating to the mind, with every meditation, your brain is relaxed and growing. Studies have shown that those who mediate have sharper memory and therefore are more interested in learning.

6. They get outdoors and embrace the beauty of nature.

- When one realises the gift of nature, the best thing to do is gift themselves the opportunity to be in the present,while looking at nature. Instead of having a 100 things on their mind, mindful people are able to really appreciate one thing whole heartedly.

7. They enjoy every bite when they eat

-If you love to eat, you should savour each scrumptious moment and be aware of how happy it makes you feel.

8. They slow down when reading and truly take the information in.

- These days we have instant access to books, instant downloads and instant replies. So, it’s very important to step back and give the mind a couple of seconds to analyse instead of acting like a sponge.

9. They are fully present while listening instead of trying to control or judge.

- As you practice more mindfulness, your patience will also increase. This gives mindful people the ability to simply observe without being judgmental. Sharing love and peace is very important.

10. They take mini-breaks every hour or so when working or studying.

-Mindful people nourish their body with breaks so that the mind is able to take a time out. This is similar to charging your phone when it’s low on battery, except that it gets low on battery every hour and you need to charge it to perform at high efficiency.

11. They laugh at themselves

- Mindfulness means being aware of your thoughts and actions without judgement or criticism. This enables mindful beings to not be so critical of themselves,while making a mistake. All the do is observe, accept and move on.

12. They focus on what they are doing.

- When we are mindful, we focus on being in the moment and breathing. By polishing focus, you naturally develop and try to integrate this skill as often as possible. Taking things slow and really paying attention to what you are doing, gives better results in the long run.

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