20 Mar Meditate To Sleep Better During PMS

How can we meditate to sleep better during PMS? We all know that coping with our cycles makes it hard for us to focus on anything. Pair that with a lack of sleep and we’ve gone from moody to snappy. It’s really hard to get in touch with meditation, especially while on our periods.

But that’s not true at all. Here is how meditation can really make a difference.

In the long run, beginning the practice of meditation helps to relieve stress. Most people begin their journey to achieve the same. But even beyond stress, it puts us in a calmer and more relaxed state of mind. Studies show that long time meditators have brains that have developed to handle incessant chattering of the mind. The mind is a chatter-box, having it go 100 miles an hour is very normal. As humans, we get easily distracted by other thoughts too.

Coming back to sleeping better, by meditating, you are better equipped to handle mindless thoughts as you begin your sleeping process.  Meditation offers you limited brain activity during these times, which can be really helpful for dealing with PMS.

If your cycle is still affecting your sleeping pattern, you may choose to do these:


You can meditate to sleep better by breathing. Breathing in and out (especially with a hot water bag) has helped me to stay relaxed before going to bed. This also helps to prevent my mind from racing.


Become one with the pain, and feel every bodily sensation during this turmoil. This can be done along with deep breathing. By doing this, ( I know it sounds painful), you realize that pain is usually more mental than physical. Notice that when you are distracted, you tend to ignore the cramping. Similarly, focusing on the pain, while staying relaxed, can help you  identify the source of that pain. It also triggers more blood flow to that area. You may even find that you were probably sitting in an uncomfortable position.

Yes, our menstrual cycles are famous for disrupting our sleeping patterns. But mindfulness is your solution, especially when it has zero side effects, is super relaxing, and only involves your mind to become larger and better than your body.

For dealing with PMS in general, take a look at this:

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