10 May Why Should We Practice Love and Kindness?

Many of us try to find quick solutions on how to get peace in life. With meditation, we learn that stress is nothing but an illusion that comes from negativity and the more we practice love and kindness, the more peace we can actually find.

With meditation, we figure out how to react less, and show self-compassion during harsh times. Instead of self-denigration, we can learn to put away shame and turn towards love and kindness. This is really important in cultivating a habit of letting go of things we simply cannot control. Then, you have the freedom from any kind of pain or frustration and bounce back, starting fresh.

Let’s learn about why Love and Kindness is important:

When you use Aware’s meditation sessions, we will introduce you to the feeling of love and kindness. We ask you to feel qualities of love and kindness within people who you love and yourself. The more you bathe in these feelings, the more you realize how important it is for you to be a source of happiness in your life or their lives too.

An essential part of the mindfulness practice is to not only pay attention, but to pay kind attention. 

Once you’ve learnt about the important of kindness( in the video above), come and become a part of our meditation. Your mind and body will surely thank you for it:

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