07 Aug The Secret to Happiness is knowing your Mind

People often search for happiness in the outer world while the true happiness lies within. Many spiritual leaders often say that once you manage to know your mind, you will discover the true happiness. However, people find it hard to believe. How can a person know his or her mind? You do not control your mind but your mind controls you. Well, this is true but only to some extent.

You too have the power the control your mind. Actually, you do not control your mind but understand it. Meditation makes you aware of your mind and its thinking patterns. You begin to understand why your mind behaves the way it does. How your mind behaves actually determines your happiness. It actually affects the world around us through our thoughts. Happy thoughts leads to happy world, sad thoughts to sad world, angry thoughts to angry world and likewise. Thus, it can be said that our true happiness does not lie in what we have. It is actually determined by how we feel. Hence, it can be said that your mind is the true source of happiness. Once you begin to understand it, you are much closer to discovering your real happiness.

What does understanding your mind actually means? Do you have the same question in mind? Well, the answer is quite simple. Understanding your mind means you need to understand how you are going to deal with a particular situation. How will you grow out of it. How to make the best of the situation and interpret the entire situation in a positive way. Thus you will approach your life with willingness as well as with joyful ease and the happiness will follow you.

Who Should Meditate?

Meditation is not meant for a specific age group. Anyone can mediate and at any time he or she wants to. However, still if you need an answer to who exactly should meditate then below is your answer.

  • People in stress

Stressed thoughts means stressed world. Hence, it is very necessary to get rid of that stress in mind which can be done with meditation. Sit comfortably in a calm and peaceful place with your eyes closed and spine erect. Now focus on your breaths. Meditate for at least 10 minutes and you will begin to realise that your stress is somewhat gone.

  • People wanting inner peace

You clean your house too often but what about your body. Consider your body as a room which you clean just from outside. What about inside where negativity, stress, frustration and other such feelings are getting accumulated. These feelings steal away your inner-peace. You need to clean it off just like you clean dust from your room. Well for your body, meditation will act as a duster. If you meditate regularly, then all those unwanted thoughts and feelings will not accumulate in your body at the first place. Hence, you can acquire inner peace.

  • People wanting to stay grounded and calm

When you meditate, you detach from the physical world and become an observer of your reality as a third party. Kind thoughts run through your mind which you begin to observe along with how people behave around you. You are no more ruled by your ego and hence become calm, grounded as well as level-headed.

Thus people who love to stay grounded as well as calm should practice meditation regularly.

  • People Wanting to Live Consciously

There are some people who want to live a conscious life. They want to be able to stay connected with their surroundings. Also, they want to stay conscious of interconnection between almost everything. For such people, meditation is the best medium. When meditation is practiced regularly, the negative feelings such as anger, desire pride loses their control over the practitioners. In their place comes willingness, courage and other positive feelings.

Meditation take you away from negativity and towards positivity. So, you should make it a point to include meditation in your daily routine.

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