24 May Technology X Meditation – Floatation therapy

Have you ever heard of floatation therapy? Isolation tank therapy? Sensory deprivation tank?


Floatation tank is a new form of meditation tool, where you lay naked on top of a super-saturated, Epson- salt solution within a fiber-glass pod. The water is dense enough so you can float comfortably on,a water-based mattress, where you hear, see, and feel nothing.


The temperature is controlled at body temperature to create a harmonic atmosphere for your body to submerge in the solution and float freely with your arms and legs spread out.


With complete isolation away from the real world, you become fully aware of the moment, reaching a high state of consciousness. You mindfully take deep breaths, observing the flow of each breathe as it travels in and out. It’s a relaxation method to ease your muscles as you let go of thoughts and concerns.


Float therapy has helped to trigger profound thoughts as you let your mind wander into the state of creativity and calmness. While others, take this time to catch up some sleep. The range of its effort is very dynamic depending on the person. However, it has proven to be an effective method to practice mindfulness.


Floatation therapy has made a big wave in the United States and is currently making its way to Canada. Give it a shot if you are feeling adventurous!

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