13 Dec The Art Of Grounding & 30 Ways To Do It

Grounding is a term used to mean re-centering and reconnecting with the earth. This means re-focusing and re-establishing yourself to a state where you feel centered, whole and complete in who you are, what your life path is and where you are in this moment in your life. It is a way to become re-rooted to your physical self, by reconnecting with the physical world - the Earth.

The easiest way to describe grounding is actually in a feeling - you are grounded when you feel calm, peaceful and centered around where you are and your space in time, at this moment.You are solid and observant like a tree in an open grassland plain, still and perfectly content. You have likely felt this feeling before for seconds, minutes, days and even weeks on end - and you can achieve it on-demand in a matter of moments.

The following are a few incredible benefits of grounding: 

  • Instant stress reduction,
  • Increased emotional and mental clarity,
  • Improved ease at standing your ground,
  • Enhanced ability to speak your truth immediately,
  • Counteract any negative emotions or thoughts,
  • Heightened feelings of peacefulness and calm
  • Increased psychic and energetic awareness

Being grounded means that you are centered and balanced with who you are on a soul level. It means you’re wholly connected to your truest, most authentic self.When you’re grounded you make decisions that honor and respect your soul’s needs, while respecting and honoring the rights of another.If you are going to be making any major life decisions, such as those related to relationship or career, or if you are stepping into a conversation that requires and deserves your utmost attention and care - it’s very important to be grounded.

Here are the 30 ways to get grounded:

  • Meditate outside
  • Get close to a tree (lean, hug, touch)
  • Go for a walk (anywhere)
  • Eat more root vegetables
  • Sit near stream or river
  • Breathe in fresh air
  • Cook a meal from scratch
  • Burn natural incense
  • Cuddle an animal
  • Do yard work
  • Go birdwatching
  • Hunt for crystals (in a mine or in a shop)
  • Get physical with exercise
  • Lay in the sun
  • Grow your own herbs and vegetables
  • Hike to natural rock faces
  • Read a book outside
  • Disconnect from technology
  • Lay on your back and look at the clouds
  • Pamper your physical body
  • Have sex 
  • Have a real conversation
  • Work on an intricate craft that requires your hands
  • Go sit somewhere in nature and turn off your phone while you do it
  • Find some birds . . . feed them
  • Listen to earthy music
  • Create your own music
  • Write
  • Cry

The best scenarios for trying the great process of grounding are when:

  • You leave the house
  • You do something potentially dangerous, like get in a car to drive
  • You are involved in something frustrating or upsetting in some way
  • You have a heart to heart or otherwise emotionally charged conversation with someone
  • You have to do something mentally challenging, that requires attention - like take a big test
  • You think about grounding or needing to be more centered
  • You begin to feel frazzled, dizzy, cloudy or energetically detached


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