14 Oct Testimonials from Meditators Across the Globe

Today, meditation is a revolution to counter the stress, anxiety, and lifestyle issues of the modern world. Various scientific studies have shown the positive impact that meditation leaves on the mental well-being of a person. What originated as a religious practice centuries ago, is today, a completely secular practice that is seen only as an exercise or a practice to find peace in the mind.

Aware is a leading contributor to this revolution. A simple mobile application that guides you through the basics of meditation and then gradually helps you out to address various issues related to health, performance, and relationships. Researcher and meditation expert Shanthi Lakshmi Duraimani used Aware in her scientific study to analyze how meditation using Aware could help people to fight stress and anxiety. The study, titled - Mindfulness and Psychology Based Self–help Mobile Application: A Promising New Approach in Reducing Work Stress and Anxiety has been published in the reputed International Journal of Applied Sciences.

In 3 weeks from its launch, Aware has a 12,000+ strong community of meditators. Here are some testimonials from users across the globe:

  1. Nicholas Chin

2. Shruti Kulkarni

3. Janice Tang

4. Anandraj Koormapolu

Join our community of meditators and be a part of the revolution.


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