21 Nov Why and How to Be More Patience in Life.

Hard work and patience is the key to success but people tend to forget this when they get closer to their success. They might still work hard but get impatient on the way. As a result, they end up losing what they truly deserved.

Today’s generation is more of an instant generation.

They love everything which is instant such as instant noodles, instant delivery, instant hangout plans etc. But, that is not just it. They want instant success as well.

Now this is obviously not possible. While there are some lucky ones, who do get success instantly,that ratio is very low and you can never know if you belong to that category or not. 

So the only option left: is to be patient and continue with your hard work.

Why is Patience Important in life?

Consider a situation where you are all set for a meeting which is going to take your career to a new height.

You have prepared your presentation and are waiting for someone to compile your report for the meeting.

Either that person is slow,or made a mistake,because of which you are late for the meeting. You become impatient and can feel the tension which soon transforms into anger and then you end up shouting at that person.

You might notice that person is hurt but he or she made you late and there is nothing you can do about it.

Does this situation sound familiar? I bet the answer is yes.

However, the situation does not end here.

If your meeting is to be held at a distant place and you are driving there all by yourself then some more challenges might already be waiting for you.

If the road which takes you to your destination is empty then it is well and good.

But, you know that this is not possible unless you are the only person left in the city, apart from the person whom you are meeting.

While on your way, someone suddenly cuts in front of you or the person driving in front might not know how to drive properly and hence will make you more late for the meeting.

This is simply going to make you more tensed and angry. The consequences can be an accident or you or abusing that person. In any case, it is going to spoil your mood and will make you angrier.

Now when you finally reach the place of your meeting, you already know you are late which is obviously not acceptable.

Even after you manage to reach the venue, there are chances, you might not be able to give your presentation as well as you could.

This might even cost you,your dream,for which you have worked hard. Not just at work, this happens many times during school and college presentations as well.

When you are too impatient about your chance, you end up ruining the opportunity.

Impatient people are often perceived as arrogant, impulsive, insensitive and poor decision makers.

This perception is not entirely wrong because your impatience makes you do things which can easily lead to one of these conclusions. This is why patience is very important in your life.


How to be Patient?

Because everything is so instant these days, our chances of getting impatient in various different aspects of life are very high. So here are 3 ways which can teach you to be patient in the situations which are very likely to make you impatient.

  •    Do Something Creative

No matter what type of work it is, but every creative work needs a lot of patience. Be it painting, web designing, graphic designing, sculpting or any such type of work, you cannot expect a masterpiece right in your first try. It may take 2, 4, 10 or even more attempts to create an impressive work. It can get very frustrating at times especially when you do not get any ideas, but if you are patient enough you will certainly be able to create what you want.

  •    Read a Lot

Even though this might sound weird but reading requires patience too. Suppose that you are reading a suspense novel. It is very interesting but very long and all you want to know is the end. You might directly read the ending of the novel but you will never be able to know how it ended on such a note. For that, you will have the read the entire novel. No matter how much time it takes, but you should read the entire novel page by page and paragraph by paragraph. By the time you will reach the end of the novel, you would certainly have developed a greater sense of patience. It is not necessary to complete the entire book in one go but make it point to read it daily until you finish it.

  •    Make Sudden Plans

Having a schedule is a nice thing since it helps you keep a track of your tasks and obligations. It is great practice but you cannot learn patience when everything is planned. So do something unplanned like travel without an itinerary, do something which is not part of your schedule etc. Things would not go as smooth as you want but who wants that, right? This will be the test of your patience. If you could figure out a way to deal effectively with the difficulties that come your way, then congratulations because you have learned the art of patience. Even though not completely but a part of it.

Every person has the ability to transform impatience into patience but it requires some efforts. If you can put in those efforts, then it will help you deal with situations calmly and accept things as they are.  

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