29 Dec Why Should I Meditate?

The question “ why should I meditate ?” is something that every meditation enthusiast has thought of at least once before beginning.

What is the deal with spiritual living? What is living consciously and mindfully all about? 

It’s quite simple actually, it helps you find the TRUTH. The discovery of yourself will shake you to your core!

I started meditating just a year back, and it has helped me open up my mind and just take things slowly instead of having to rush through life. I used to stress eat like crazy, especially when deadlines were in the picture. When the same thing repeats, you find yourself getting unfit, experience headaches and signs of depression.Meditation has the ability to recover you from all of that! It get’s you organised and think with perspective.

Here are 5 reasons to answer the question-” why should I meditate? ”. If you have never meditated before, I sincerely hope that these benefits will help you cultivate this life-changing habit!

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Reason Number 1:  Inner Peace:

Everyone craves for peace in today’s world. Bring the calmness of an oceanic view into your everyday life with meditation. In one week, you will become calmer. In 4 weeks, others will tell you that you’ve become calmer.

Reason Number 2: It’s A Source of Rejuvenation:

This is just amazing. Nothing can age you more than stress. So reverse it with meditation. It calms the mind, it relaxes the body, it gets you to sleep like a baby!

Reason Number 3: Increases Self Awareness: We think constantly.

Are you aware of the fact that you’re sitting down right now? Are you aware of the pressure you’re applying to your seat?  Right now I’m aware of my palm being supported on the laptop as I write this. Right now I’m aware of the 100,000 thoughts I have in my mind about what to write, what to do after writing and what to do tomorrow.(this is all happening in just 5 minutes)

Sometimes you need to let the mind be aware of what’s happening right now. Go outside of your body and see what you do and are doing. Really see.

With meditation, you can take a step back, gain clarity on your thoughts, your inner desires and increased self-awareness. The thoughts include those you actively engage in and those you are not conscious of but are always there. An average un-meditated mind usually picks up only about a few out of thousands of thought strands that float through the mind in an hour. A meditated mind, on the other hand, picks up considerably more.

Reason Number 4: Makes You Present.

When you start to live in the present, you become fully aware of what you’re doing in the present. This helps you react better to situations.Once you do this, you become more focuses, attentive, efficient and receptive. Every moment of living life, of being able to breathe, of being placed in this universe, is maximized in the present.

Reason Number 5: Fulfilling Life

The different benefits of meditation add up to give you an increased fulfilment of life. You gain increased mastery of yourself, become more positive and become rejuvenated. The sharpening of your saw through meditation puts you in the position to get even more out of every day.

2016-11-15-19-46-35Nehita Abraham

Nehita is a mindfulness expert who writes extensively on lifestyle management, wellness and ways to lead a healthier and a happier life. She is a part of Aware’s expert team on meditation. She is also an avid artist who spends most her time dribbling amazing stories through art.

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