21 Jul How to forgive yourself without feeling guilty?

Forgiveness is a very strong sense of awareness built over a period of time. One is not born with a forgiving nature but the emotion of forgiveness is instilled and nurtured by multiple factors. People and environment influence the feeling of forgiveness. To build forgiveness, you need to reach a level of awareness that prioritizes you over others. You need to fall in love with yourself and then move forward to sharing the love with others.

Forgiving yourself can be achieved by having a conversation with you. This can be done with the help of meditation, wherein you allow your soul to come to terms with your mind that analyzes the situation and your heart that is filled with guilt.  You may have committed an offence or supported someone who did but if you have reached the sense of realization and are still fighting for a night’s sleep, it is high-time you forgive yourself.

If you intend to forgive yourself, here are a few ways in which you can make peace with yourself:

Identify the negativity:
Negative situation or a person can make it difficult for you to forgive yourself. In your life, you need to find that negativity. If it is a person, analyze the characteristics of that person and make a favorable environment for you to approach them. If it is a situation, meditate with some peaceful music, mantras or even a normal deep breathing technique that allows you to focus on the problem in hand and help you find a solution to the same.

Approach the negativity:
Facing the problem rather than running from one is the biggest challenge. This challenge can be flawlessly tackled after you gather your wits and make up your mind to face it. Meditation plays a crucial role while preparing you to approach the problem. Your problem can be a person, a habit or a situation, in either case, personify it. Give it a human approach and think from the shoes of the person who has been affected by your deed. Feeling guilty and accepting it is the second level of self forgiveness that can be mastered with the help of meditation.

Eradicate the negativity:
Now that you have identified and approached the negative element in your life, it is time for you to eradicate it. With the help of focus, achieved through practicing meditation on daily basis, you shall be able to make peace with not only the person or the situation you are a victim of but also with yourself. Remember, you have been created for a bigger purpose and therefore live and forgive with grace.

Make peace with yourself:
Humans are born to make errors so it’s time for you to stop punishing yourself for what has already occurred. Now, gain control of yourself and make peace. Give yourself the leisure of exploring your true self, the better side of you. Do human good by being a good human yourself. Travel as far and wide you can, to learn about cultures and people. You will be surprised to see in what difficult times they survive and how much you have to get you out of one. Deviate your mind on to things you always wanted to do, like surfing, meeting old friends or even joining a yoga class. Gather your positive energy and go out to explore.

You need to have a lion’s heart to forgive a dying dear and if you have already come to terms with the mighty lion in you, it’s time to let go of things that are holding you back. Forgive yourself, not just for you but for the people who matter. Forgive yourself, because you are born with a bigger and better purpose. And lastly, forgive yourself to find the best in you to do good for others who need the most. With the help of mediation, you shall be able to reach the level of awareness that raises you above the others, practice it every day to achieve inner peace.

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