29 Mar 3 Fun Exercises To Boost Energy

Sometimes we need exercises to focus and give us energy.


Have you ever been subjected to a day that only leaves you feeling more and more fatigued, mentally or physically, with each passing hour? Of course you have, everyone has, in a lifestyle where time comes at a cost, finding enough energy so as to get through the day and still have some leftover is a tall ask. Be it at an office or at work, finding yourself lacking energy often instinctively leads us to reach for that pot of coffee or that bottle of energy drink.

It might sound wildly counter-intuitive to ask someone to exercise especially when they are already quite fried with the day they’ve had. However, as odd as that might sound it is definitely something that will give you the perfect energy boost for your day. Find yourself just five minutes to do one of these many exercises and give yourself the best all-natural high around!

Here are some exercises that you could probably include in your day:

Short Walks: One of the easiest ways to wake your body up is to take a short walk around the block. It does not matter if you walk around the block, or up and down a flight of stairs, what matters is that you are getting that exercise. Plug in your earphones, embrace nature and listen to your favorite track, worst case scenario, you may need to hum to yourself a little now and then. Finding a friend who enjoys walking would make things far easier. Having good company is crucial to be able to enjoy the activity you are engaged in, a fact that holds for more things than just exercise. Make sure that it is not just a lazy dawdle that you indulge in, walk briskly and purposefully to get your body the most aerobic exercise. 

You can even meditate while walking, and it feels amazing.

Bunny Hop It Out: While it may not be easy to go into an all-out jumping jack mode while in the middle of a busy work day, there are options. Simply hoping or jogging in one place can also be a brilliant workout. It immediately causes an increase in heart-rate and also gives you a surge of endorphins, automatically increasing your energy. You could be in your cubicle or at home or even at a conference find yourself a little bit of space and hop quickly 30-40 times. If you are of the mind you could also do 2-sets of 30, but make sure you are fit enough to survive it. Panting is not the idea here, the point of this exercise is to simply get your heart pumping a little faster.

Dance: If you are able to find a little corner to yourself, or if you are shameless enough to get groovy on the street, plug in your headphones and dance away! Shaking a leg is not only going to get your heart beating faster, the music and exercise also combine to give you a very pleasant, all-natural dopamine rush. Dancing is an amazing exercise, however, unless you have professional training, try not to rock-out too much, pulling a muscle is not the idea here. You do not really need to know how to dance, but just to get in a groove and jive along takes nothing more than a little bit of confidence. If looking silly in the mirror can help you get your groove back, pun intended, there’s nothing really like it, is it?


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