22 Mar 9 Hacks For Productivity

Why do we need exercises to increase focus or productivity?

It’s because productivity is one of the most positive qualities that shapes your personal and professional  life and allow you to enjoy every bit of your existence. It not only makes your life more sensible but also attracts appreciation from people that further elevates your reputations and encourages you to pace ahead in life. Many people think that the productivity is a natural gift that is not endowed to everyone. Though some people do have a natural tendency to be productive, we all can learn to become productive. Practice makes a man perfect and if one can learn how to walk, how to draw or how to sing there isn’t any reason why can’t one learn how to be productive. If you really want to be productive, you would just need to induce productivity in your life by altering your lifestyle and working habits. Here are a few ways in which you can boost productivity and add more meaning to your life:

1.More is not always good

Many people have the notion that it is the number of tasks that define the productivity and they avoid saying “no” to any task. Even when their hands are full for the day, they would commit themselves to an incoming task. Such people might start with exuberant energy as they are packed with many tasks to complete. However, as the day advances, they begin to realize their inability to complete all the tasks on hand. As a result, they start working “quickly” and thus the quality suffers. In most of the cases, such people are not able to complete even half of the work they accepted or manage to complete all the work “quickly”, thus affecting the quality. The one answer to this entire problem is “No”. After all, you have limitations just like any other human being. So if you are already loaded with many tasks, you can easily say no to an upcoming task saying that you can’t take any more tasks. If you think that it would hurt your ego then think about what happens when you would agree to the work and end up botching up everything.

2.Say not to interruptions 

One thing that harms productivity is the frequent interruptions. These interruptions might be brief but by breaking the flow of work, they can hamper the entire process. Work gains momentum when it is free of interruptions. So, it can be a good idea to keep your phone at the silent, avoiding unnecessary communication with the colleagues till you complete your tasks. It will save your “workflow” from interruption thus allowing you to work with a dedicated mind and complete the tasks on your hand without affecting the quality.

3.Set Goals

You need to feel driven when you start working. So you can consider making several short and long term goals. Setting goals will not only attract more engagement but will also keep you motivated during the entire day that makes you more effectively complete the work. 

4.Drink plenty of water

Productivity is closely connected with mental functioning and the people whose brain functions vigorously are able to remain more productive throughout the day. One of the best and easiest ways of keeping you proactive is to drink plenty of water. Water induces oxygen to our brain and helps it to function well thus increasing productivity. So, frequently drinking water can also help you in remaining productive.

5.Prioritize the tasks according to size

The size really matters when it comes to multiple tasks! You can assign each task individually and anticipate the time it should take. If possible start with the tasks that are really important. Then end with the quick jobs. By the midday, you will be able to complete half of the tasks and it also offers you a feeling of satisfaction and you would be in a  better state of mind to look after the easy or mundane tasks.

6.Don’t be a slave to technology

Many people are paranoid when it comes to checking email or other chat systems. Much of their time is spent on hitting the refresh button and this way their mind is occupied with unnecessary stuff that affects the positive energy. So it would be better to close your browser and keep your phones on silent mode. Being disconnected from email and social media will help you to devote your entire focus to work and remain productive.

7.Utilize your non-brainy time periods

Many times we engage in a variety of tasks that makes our mind vacant. Cleaning your table or peeling the potato for preparing food are such examples. This vacuum state of mind can easily invite the production of thoughts.  Thus you can utilize this time by engaging your senses in a more productive way, rather than letting your mind wander. Listening to your favorite music while you prepare a cup of coffee can relieve the unnecessary stress that can attack the vacuum mind and makes us more creative.

8.Don’t broadcast all your ideas

During the entire length of the day, a variety of new ideas keeps on populating our brains. Many times we are impressed by the format of the ideas and don’t really understand that in our local environment such ideas won’t work. So no matter how much excited you are while a new idea finds a way to your brain, you should quietly write it down and should not out rightly start presenting your ideas to the others as that would cut a chunk of your time and would also occupy attention.

9.Keep a decent margin

There are a number of reasons that make it difficult to ensure that the work would be completed in anticipated time period. So it is always best to keep an adequate margin. Having an extra margin of say, 30 minutes would allow you to work at your own pace without irritating clients or colleagues. Keeping a margin also allows you to complete the work in less time than the client or colleague was expecting. Thus it results in accomplishing the tasks and keeps you organized.


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